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Costa Rica

The beginnings of Melonhead’s inception all started on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.  Cofounders Nick Frangipane and Steve Barnett both live active lifestyles – regularly practicing Jiu-Jitsu and surfing whenever possible.  After traveling around the world, Nick and Steve both fell in love with the natural high they felt from eating fruits and vegetables picked straight from the lands of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

Rio de Janiero

Researched in


The inception had begun but the two founders still didn’t know exactly what they wanted to bring back home.  Was it simply the ‘Pura Vida’ vibe of Costa Rica or the new found love of surfing.  After some more travels around the world they realized what they loved most about the places they visited: healthy, fresh cuisine and Acai in particular.

Tested in

Puerto Rico

The team had their product idea and knew they wanted to bring it back home, but there was still a bit of anxiety in understanding if this was really what people wanted.  So the founders traveled to a few more tropical locations where they found and researched acai shops.  From California to Puerto Rico, Nick and Steve took tips from the best parts of each shop they visited and developed their own unique style.

Puerto Rico

Sea Bright

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After the journey in search of the perfect foods, Nick and Steve took time to see some ways their fellow countrymen had faired in opening similar locations.  They found the vibe was spreading from San Diego all the way to Montauk.  Nick and Steve finally felt their idea, research, and planning had all been validated.  It was time – Melonhead became a reality…